How to enter an event

Once you’ve got the event picked out, it’s time to send in your entry. 

  • Opening date: The Tuesday six weeks before the competition, this is the earliest you can send in your entry

  • Closing date: The Tuesday four weeks after opening day, this is the final day that you can enter the event

It’s good practice to send your entry in on opening day. Not only does this allow the event organizer to plan appropriately, but it also ensures that your entry will be accepted and you won’t be put on a wait list. Some events reach capacity before the closing date, so don’t wait to send your entry in!

You can submit an entry by mailing or you can enter online. The USEA offers an online entry system called Xentry, which you can access via your USEA Online Services Account. Creating and Online Services Account with the USEA is free, head over to and click “New User.”

Once you fill out the entry form, there are a few more documents you need to make sure you submit by the closing day.

  • Entry Form

  • Signature Page

  • Copy of your horse’s Negative Coggins Test

  • Stabling Form (if applicable)

  • A check (if you did not pay online)


Level Chart-updated 2019.jpg



Each level may have different divisions to group competitors into appropriate competitive groups. An event is not required to offer any of the following sections, but if they do, it is the rider’s responsibility to ensure they are entered in an appropriate division:

  • Open: This division is open to any competitors

  • Rider: This division is open to any competitor who has not completed an event above the next highest level in the last five years. For example, if Suzy successfully completed a Training event in 2014, she cannot enter the Beginner Novice Rider division in 2017.

  • Horse: This division is open to any competitors, but the horse cannot have completed an event above the next highest level. For example, Bob’s horse Blaze has completed events at the Advanced level, so Bob could not enter Blaze in the Preliminary Horse division at any competitions.

  • Amateur: Open to any competitor who either has a valid amateur card issued by the USEF or any senior USEA member who competes in the Modified, Training, Novice or Beginner Novice level who meets the requirements of GR 1306.

  • Junior: Open to competitor through the end of the calendar year of their 18th birthday

  • Young Rider: Open to competitors through the end of the calendar year of their 21st birthday

  • Young Horse: Open to any competitors, but the horse may not have competed above the level and meets the following requirements

    • Novice: 4-5 years of age

    • Training: 4-5 years of age

    • Modified: 4-5 years of age

    • Preliminary: 5-6 years of age

    • Intermediate: 6-7 years of age

    • Advanced: 6-7 years of age

  • Championship: Open to all qualified riders on qualified horses.