Nothing beats the thrill of running around a cross-country course! Preparing for all three phases is a big task, but the sense of accomplishment that comes with finishing at event on your dressage scores makes it all worth it.

Eventing welcomes a wide range of competitors from beginners to professional upper level riders. Events held around the country host a variety of levels, and it is never unusual to find yourself warming up alongside an Olympian!

There are seven levels of national competition, which operate under of the United States Equestrian Federation (USEF), and there are four levels of international competition which are under Federation Equestre International (FEI) jurisdiction.

National Levels:

Beginner Novice: Jump Height: 2'7". The Beginner Novice level is designed to introduce green horses and riders to horse trials, combining dressage, cross-country and beginner jumping tests. It is for competitors and horses that have already had experience in schooling competitions in all three disciplines. The entire experience should be safe, inviting and educational to build confidence and a desire to progress.

Novice: Jump Height: 2'11". The Novice level is a continuing introduction to horse trials. It is designed for competitors and horses with some experience at lower levels or for experienced riders and horses new to the sport.

Training: Jump Height: 3'3". The Training level is an elementary examination of competitors and horses with some experience and training.

Modified: Jump Height: 3'5". The Modified level is for the Training level horse with the intent on progressing to the Preliminary level.

Preliminary: Jump Height: 3'7". The Preliminary level is a moderate examination of competitors and horses in a regular training program preparing for International One-Star Events.

Intermediate: Jump Height: 3'9". The Intermediate level is an examination of increasing technical difficulty, preparing competitors and horses for International Two-Star Events.

Advanced: Jump Height: 3'11". The Advanced level is the highest national level of horse trials. It offers tests of significant difficulty designed to prepare competitors and horses for either International Three or Four-Star Events.