The United States Eventing Association, Inc. 

The USEA is a non-profit 501 C (3), educational organization committed to providing eventing enthusiasts with a competitive level suited to their individual skills. By assisting and educating competitors, event organizers and officials; maintaining responsible safety standards; and registering qualified competitions and clinics, the USEA offers a strong and continuous training opportunity for an ever-expanding field of world-class competitors. Just as importantly, the USEA provides a means for all riders, regardless of age or ability, to experience the thrill of eventing.

The USEA (formerly USCTA) was founded in September 1959, through the vision of Alexander Mackay-Smith, who felt that in addition to the AHSA and USET, a third organization was needed to promote the fledgling sport of combined training in the United States. Initially, the association’s roster included just two dozen names, including Mackay-Smith and other notables such as Jack Fritz, Philip Hoffman, Roger Maher, and Lana Wright (née DuPont). On December 1, 2001 the USCTA became the USEA when the Board of Governors decided to follow the FEI’s adoption of the term ‘eventing’ for the international sport previously known as combined training. Click here to read more about the founding and history of the USEA.

Our Mission

The mission of the USEA is much the same as that of the USCTA in 1959: to advance the sport of eventing through education of riders, trainers, officials and organizers, with the health and well-being of the horse of paramount importance. The association, through the direction of the Board of Governors, will continue to strive to make the sport of eventing safe, fun, fair and affordable to all who join our ranks.

The USEA recognizes more than 250 events throughout the U.S. that host nearly 42,000 entries per year. The USEA has more than 11,500 members and strives to provide riders from Beginner Novice to the four-star level with an exceptional eventing experience.

The organization is run by a Board of Governors of twenty individuals, and a permanent staff of fifteen who fulfill the daily needs of the organization from the headquarters in Leesburg, Virginia. 


Contact Us

525 Old Waterford Rd. NW
Leesburg, VA, 20176
United States

Phone Number: (703) 779-0440
Fax Number: (703) 779-0550

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USEA Areas

The USEA has divided the country into ten areas. Each area has its own chair and group of officers and volunteers to run the affairs of its area. Joining your area program is a great way to get involved with your local eventing community.

Area Contacts:

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