Host An Event

Though there are a few big international events throughout the season, the majority of competitions are locally created and cultivated. Do you see a need for an event where you live? Why not start your own!

Eventing is heavily reliant on open land, a resource that shrinks every year. If you have a piece of land suitable for eventing, reach out to your local area officers to discuss the possibility of holding your own event.

Each event needs an Event Organizer, a complex position that involves overseeing and coordinating all competitors, volunteers, officials, judges, course designers, and more! There is no licensing requirement to be an Organizer, but it requires a very dedicated and detail-oriented person. The best way to learn what it takes is to volunteer with your local event’s Organizer. You can also check out the Event Organizer’s Guide for a detailed look at what’s required.

Every event also requires a panel of licensed officials. Licensed by the USEF, officials are key to ensuring each event stands up to national and/or international standards as set forward by the USEF/FEI. Judges, Technical Delegates and Course Designers are all officials needed for any event.

Ready to register your event with the USEA? Visit the Organizer’s page on the main USEA website to learn what you should do next.