Tips for learning your dressage test

There are two dressage tests for each level of competition, Test A and Test B. Check the Omnibus to see which will be required for your event. All dressage tests are posted under the dressage portion of the USEA website.

On the test, it will say if it is to be ridden in a large or small arena. For Modified level and below, dressage tests are ridden exclusively in a small arena (20m x 40m). Listed next to each movement are directives, which clue you in to what the judge will be looking for.

At a recognized competition, you will be required to memorize your test. Try drawing out your test on a blank sheet of paper, or running through the test on your own two feet to help learn the movements. Make sure you run through the test with your ICP instructor to make sure you are performing the movements properly. Don’t forget to leave the area at the walk after your test, and breathe!